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Academic Details : J. Chitra graduated in the programme B.Sc. (hons). Food Technology from Delhi University in 2007. She completed her masters in M.Tech. Food Biotechnology from Anand Agricultural University in 2010 with the research topic - Molecular Characterization of Probiotic Culture Lactobacillus helveticus by High Throughput Sequencing (Pyrosequencing). She is currently pursuing her Doctoral Degree Programme in Food Processing at I.I.T Kharagpur. Her thrust areas include novel preservation techniques, functional foods and fermentation technology. Her research work topic is development of process technology for the preparation of cholesterol free butter.

Area of Work : Development of process technology for the extraction of cholesterol from milk fat (cream) and preparation of low cholesterol butter

Various physical, chemical, and biological methods to reduce cholesterol have been studied in foods, including dairy products. Recently, a number of studies have indicated that the removal of cholesterol from food products can be effectively carried out by using ?-cyclodextrin (BCD), with no significant losses in flavour, nutrients. Hence, the work will focus of the optimization of process conditions of effective removal of cholesterol from cream using cross-linked BCD and study of its regeneration efficiency. The cholesterol removed cream and butter will be studied for changes in physico-chemical, textural and rhegological changes during storage.

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