Ms. Sudhanshu Billoria

Sudhanshu Billoria

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Mobile : 08768126479

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Previous Experience : K.C. Foods, Lane no.4, Phase-I, SIDCO INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Bari Brahmna, Jammu, J&K, Quality Executive, ½ years

Area of Work : Shelf-life Extension of Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) and Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) with Controlled/Modified Atmosphere Storage (Shelf-life extension of fresh produce)

Fresh fruits and vegetables are perishable and highly prone to the losses because they are composed of living tissues and possess very high metabolic activities. Several factors influence the post-harvest losses in fruits and vegetables which may include losses due to physical, physiological, mechanical and hygienic conditions. The efforts will be made to control these factors with the help of various modern technologies such as edible coating, controlled/modified atmosphere storage thus achieving:

  1. Prolonged storage life of perishables by arresting the respiration and senescence process,
  2. Reduction in sensitivity to ethylene, and
  3. Decrease in the incidence and severity of disease causing organisms such as fungi, bacteria, insects and pests, in selected commodities.
  4. Minimizing the mechanical damage caused to the fresh produce

The CA storage proves beneficial for fruits and vegetables that deteriorate rapidly or those that complete ripening after harvest.The various factors viz. temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen concentration will be optimized during the study.

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