RTE Health Foods & Nutraceuticals

Relevant R&D expertise and capability for the development and commercialization of RTE convenience foods, functional foods and nutraceuticals is being undertaken. The major areas of interest are ready to eat convenience foods enriched with naturally occurring bioactive substances (e.g., dietary fiber, probiotics and prebiotics, natural antioxidants, natural food colours  etc.) which have been introduced to traditional foods. Another focus is to formulate functional foods developed from non-traditional novel raw materials, which can act as substitute for traditional foods and also aid in alleviation of diseases such as like cardiovascular disorders (CVD), obesity, diabetes, celiac disease etc.Non dairy functional milk, ice cream, yoghurt, beverage have been successfully formulated. Therapeutic foods like gluten free pasta and bread, cholesterol free cream, fruit confectionaries are under development. The in-vitro and in-vivo testing of efficacy of developed products is also being taken up for the proper scientific documentation of the health claims.